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The Fairies Toadstool's Policies

The Fairies Toadstool Copyright Policy

The total contents of this website which includes but is not limited to its layout, wording, graphics and associated files is exclusively owned by The Fairies Toadstool and is protected by Australian and international copyright law.

The intended purpose of this website is for the public to make purchases of the products that are listed for sale and also to assist with the delivery and resolution of such purchases.

Except in the case of the following "Conditions With Reproducing", no permission is given for this website to be used for anything other than its intended purpose. Nor is permission given for any persons to download and save to storage or reproduce wholly or in part including but not limited to any of the contents or associated files that constitute this website.

Conditions With Reproducing

You may print out from this website what would be deemed to be reasonable for the sole purpose of facilitating an order or an enquiry with The Fairies Toadstool.

No permission is given to modify in any way such a print out, and in the case where such a print out were to be used to facilitate an order or an enquiry, The Fairies Toadstool would exercise its right in making the final decision as to the accuracy of such a print out.

Exceptions With Reproducing

Files on the downloads page may be downloaded and reproduced for the sole purpose for which they are intended.